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Nationally recognized author, parent, and family internet safety advocate.

Author & Advocate

On a mission to promote awareness of cyberbullying, digital shaming and online reputation management

Founder and President of Parents’ Universal Resource Experts Inc. (P.U.R.E.™), Sue Scheff has been leveraging her personal experiences to help others through her organization since 2001. 

After being stalked, harassed, bullied and slandered online – in 2006, Scheff won a landmark case for internet defamation with an $11.3M jury verdict

Since then, she’s been an advocate for cyberbullying prevention and promoting the importance of online reputation. 

She has three published books, Wit’s End (HCI 2007), Google Bomb (HCI 2009) with a foreword by Michael Fertik and her latest, Shame Nation: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate (Sourcebooks 2017) with a foreword by Monica Lewinsky.


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It’s firsthand experiences and years of advocacy that separates Sue Scheff from others in the field of online safety and digital wellness. Do you need an expert for your next article, TV segment, podcast, radio, webinar, conference, or event on the following topics:

Books By Best Selling Author: Sue Scheff

Sue Scheff has three published books. Her latest, Shame Nation: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate (Sourcebooks, 2017) with Melissa Schorr, features a foreword by Monica Lewinsky.

Her second book, Google Bomb (HCI, 2009), with a foreword by Michael Fertik and co-authored by the late Internet attorney, John Dozier, tells the story of how she won the $11.3M online shaming landmark case in Florida and recovered from Internet disaster.

Her first book, Wit’s End: A Parent’s True Story (HCI, 2007), details how deceptive the teen-help industry can be and shares how Sue created her organization that has since helped thousands.

Sue has been sharing her story and empowering audiences across the country at speaking engagements. Today your online reputation is the first impression people have of you — it can literally change the direction of your career, job and your life, as well as your teen’s college choice.

Learn more about the topic’s Sue can discuss at your next event.

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Shame Nation

The Global Epidemic of Online Hate

As a Cyber Advocate, Sue Scheff is concerned with Internet users both young and old as it pertains to cyber safety and security. She is a strong voice against cyberbullying, pubic and online shaming, and building your digital reputation. Scheff understands the need to bring awareness of bullying by and against people of all ages.

In addition to educating parents and their children on the importance of building and maintaining a positive online presence, she stresses the importance of conducting themselves appropriately online, just as they would in real life. She advises parents on how to approach their teens about any online issues they may have encountered, and how to monitor their kids’ online activities to ensure their safety without invading their privacy or stifling their sense of autonomy.


Google Bomb

The Untold Story of the $11.3M Verdict That Changed the Way We Use the Internet

In 2009, Scheff authored her second book, Google Bomb: The Untold Story of the $11.3M Verdict That Changed the Way We Use the Internet (HCI), detailing the events of this landmark trial.

Sue Scheff released her third book, SHAME NATION: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate (Sourcebooks, October 2017). Shame Nation offers firsthand stories, resources and advice to prevent and overcome online hate and digital discourse. With over 25 contributors and experts from around the globe, Monica Lewinsky pens a beautiful foreword in Shame Nation on public humiliation and the need for empathy and digital resilience online. As seen on Dr. Oz, order today. Praise for Shame Nation.

wit end

Wit’s End

Advice and Resources for Saving Your Out-of-Control Teen

Sue Scheff has written several books on the subject of helping parents and teens, including her 2008 book “Wit’s End: Advice and Resources for Saving Your Out-of-Control Teen”. 

The book is based on Scheff’s own experiences with her daughter who was struggling with addiction and mental health issues. In addition to her book, she has also published numerous articles on the subject of parenting and helping teens in crisis.

Victim Turned Expert

Best Selling Author and Expert on  Educating Parents on Cyber Safety  

Sue Scheff has been featured on many media outlets including radio, television and in print for her advocacy work in parenting and cyber-safety and online reputation.

Recently on CBS This Morning, she discussed the importance of your offline behavior and the consequences it can have with the majority of people armed with smartphones today.

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“What goes online can have serious and lasting consequences, whether it’s true or not.” – Sue Scheff 

Over 500 newspapers have featured Sue Scheff and her victories in the legal arena with child advocacy, Internet defamation and invasion of privacy, including a 4-Part LA Times Series, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, AARP, and many more.


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The Sue Scheff Blog

This blog explores some common pitfalls Internet users of all ages may face in the world of Web 2.0 and social media, as well as the best practices to avoid hazards that may potentially damage online and real-world relationships and reputations. 

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