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“Thank you for guiding our members down the path of digital resilience. You provided us with stepping stones to avoid, cope, and rebound from online incivility. Your presentation was among the highest rated of the weekend.”C. Batsche President, NAWGJ

“Until you have survived a digital Scarlet Letter, many are unaware of how deep the emotional scars are and how long they can last. My cyber-shaming attack happened when I was an adult, I completely understand the new word that we are now hearing too frequently – bullycide….”

“Never underestimate the financial destruction online shaming does to people – to this day I have shared that it was my lawyer that vindicated me but online reputation management that gave me my life back.”

“Your online reputation is an extension of your online behavior which is a reflection of your offline character. My experiences, as bad as they were, has given me the tools that helps me help you.”

“It’s interesting how the very weapon that destroyed you will now become the tool that rebuilds you — the internet.”

“Your teen may always be an app ahead of you, but they will always need your parenting wisdom and guidance.”

What sets Sue Scheff apart from others in the online safety and digital wellness field is her firsthand experiences and years of advocacy. Are you seeking an experienced professional for your upcoming article, TV segment, podcast, radio show, webinar, or event on the specified topics?

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This blog explores some common pitfalls Internet users of all ages may face in the world of Web 2.0 and social media, as well as the best practices to avoid hazards that may potentially damage online and real-world relationships and reputations. 

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