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  • Internet Safety Month: What Did You Learn? June 30, 2015
    It’s the last day of Internet Safety Month. On the first day I asked, what was your priority? Of course, just because June is over doesn’t mean we stop thinking about online safety.  This is a topic that should be in our daily conversations.  It should be as common as how a was your day? […]
  • Parents of Siblings: This One’s For You June 29, 2015
    By Christy Crandell The great thing about having a sibling, whether older or younger, is always having someone to talk to, play sports with and learn from. Younger siblings have someone to look up to as a role model, while older siblings have the opportunity to pass down knowledge from their experiences to their younger […]
  • P.A.U.S.E. Your Keystrokes Before Sending: It’s Safer June 25, 2015
    If we haven’t heard it once, we have heard it a hundred times; Think before you post. Pause before you send. Both statements are absolutely true.  It’s my opinion that when we are thinking we are usually still typing and clicking since the average person is double or triple tasking. Tell me I’m wrong? With […]
  • CyberParenting: Role Models Matter June 23, 2015
    It might be something you say off-the-cuff while you are driving or cooking.  It may even be the way you greet a waitress or hold the door for someone behind you…. your children are watching you and listening to you. If you mention something ugly about a neighbor or another parent while on your cell […]
  • Compassionate Cartoons About Cyberbullying and Bullying June 22, 2015
    By Kelly Kamowski My daughter was cyberbullied for being chubby in middle school by a girl she truly thought was her friend.  My son was shoved in the hallways and called a fag in middle school and high school.  I, myself, was bullied in the third grade by a boy who had a sick puppy […]



Dear Sue Scheff, Thank you so much. It is interesting to know that we are not alone. And although I wish that no one would have to go through what we are going through, it is nice to know that there are so many others that are having similar difficulties and can offer support. Thanks again,
Karen B., NY

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