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  • A Gecko Summer: Social 2.0 Defining Your Summer Memories and More May 28, 2015
    Everyone is ready for summer and we know people of all ages love to share or sometimes overshare their summer activities with their online friends. I have recently discovered a great way to define and archive your memories to better protect and re-visit what you did summer of 2015 (or other events you want to […]
  • Family Meals, Offline Parenting and Social Media Conversations: New Study May 26, 2015
    One of my constant mantra’s is offline parenting will help your kids, and especially teen’s, make better online choices.  The fact is when your children are in their digital world’s you are not there to protect there.  With all the parental controls, filters and monitoring, your teen is in that moment and will make that […]
  • Oversharing Online Is Not Only About Youth May 22, 2015
    Research was just released by GlobalWebIndex that shows adults love social media almost as much as the kids do. The average adult spends one in four online minutes on social media according to the recent research. What is the most popular social media platform for adults?  Facebook – by far it revealed, as did the […]
  • SURVEY: People Do More Than Texting While Driving May 19, 2015
    So you are driving down the road – you have an impulse to take a selfie?  Seriously? Yes, I have seen teens and young adults that insist on telling us their mood while driving down a highway with a selfie – exactly what are they thinking? Oh – seriously – they aren’t thinking! I see these […]
  • The Influence Of Social Media And Teens May 16, 2015
    I’ve heard from some parents that say they won’t allow their tweens or teens on social media sites or ban them from certain apps or other digital platforms that today’s teenagers are engaging in.  Of course many know that kids have way to defy parents – whether it is sneaking to a friend’s house or […]



Dear Sue, Thank you so much and thank you for your efforts in helping other parents. God bless!
Trudy, SC

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