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  • The Rise of Shame Nation and Cyberbullying September 19, 2017
    Whenever I see these headlines about youth taking their lives and the word bullying or cyberbullying attached to it, I want to cringe. The fact is, it’s sad we need headlines to remind us to continue to be kind to others, to continue to discuss with our children as well as our friends and colleagues about the […]
  • Back to School: Teens and Distracted Driving August 9, 2017
    Distracted driving is a major problem and our devices are one of the biggest culprits. According to a poll conducted by Braun Research, 95 percent of drivers polled in the survey said that they disapprove of distracted driving, however, 71 percent engage in some sort of smartphone activity while driving. It’s not easy for teens […]
  • Lunchroom Bullying with Back to School August 9, 2017
    Schools are opening across the country and although we know bullies didn’t take the summer off, the cafeteria bullies have had a summer break. Lunchroom bullying like schoolyard bullying is often a place where mean kids will gather. We haven’t heard a lot about food allergy bullying, but especially as school doors are opening, we need […]
  • Students Recognized for Using Digital for Good August 4, 2017
    What a fantastic headline!  It can get exhausting hearing about the negativity of online harassment and how incivility is rising digitally. Thanks to #ICANHELP, they put out a call for nominees of students that are making a positive impact online. They recently announced who they will be recognizing at their first annual #Digital4Good event which […]
  • The Very Real Risks of ‘Sharenting’ August 2, 2017
    As a parent, you are probably concerned about your tween and teen’s use of social media. While you understand the appeal of sites like Instagram and Snapchat, you want to be sure your children are not sharing too much personal info or posting too many photos. What makes this concern a tad ironic, is that […]



Dear Sue, Thank you so much and thank you for your efforts in helping other parents. God bless!
Trudy, SC

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