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  • Pause the Thumbs: Cell Phone Rules for Teens and Tweens October 18, 2014
    It is quite common for kids, teens and younger, to have their own cell phones these days. With these new privileges there also should be some rules and boundaries set forth down by the parents. Here’s a few that they might consider. Pause the thumbs – When someone speaks to you while you’re texting, it […]
  • Teens and Tweens Being Mean to Parents On Social Media: #NotMyKid October 17, 2014
    Brace yourself parents! Is this a time to say, “It’s not my kid?“ Though venting their displeasure regarding parental rules and restrictions is nothing new for tweens and teens, the current generation isn’t limited to bashing their parents to one friend at a time over the telephone; now, they can air their grievances in one […]
  • Bullying Prevention: 10 Ways to Be An Upstander October 16, 2014
    Bullying and cyberbullying is an issue that everyone is concerned about.  From verbal abuse to online harassment, words can be used as lethal weapons. On the same measure, words can be used to build people up too! Your words matter, keystrokes count — how will you use them? One of the most important ways your […]
  • Cyber-Gossip: 10 Ways It Turns Into Cyberbullying October 15, 2014
    October is Bullying Prevention Month. Gossip can be mean. Bullies can build on gossip and create stories and ugliness about a student that can go viral in seconds. In today’s internet age, gossip can be spread at lightning speed to hundreds, thousands or millions of people. The new “party line” is cyberspace where millions of […]
  • Social Media Making A Positive Difference October 14, 2014
    We can be bombarded with tragic headlines of how the Internet has created an ugliness in people.  Cyberbullying, cyberstalking, online harassment, Internet predators, Internet defamation, hackers, identity theft and more. What about the positive?  Finding old classmates, reuniting with old friends and family, making new friends, learning about things we never would have otherwise and […]


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Dear Sue, Your statement about my son is on point. He acquainted himself with bad friends. He was averaging 85 one school term then dropped dramatically to a 59 the second term. Thank you so much.
Gloria V., FL

Bringing Families Back Together

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