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  • Compliment Wall: Erase Hate April 15, 2014
    #iCANHELP Campaign continues to spread nationwide with their message that kindness can defeat negativity. A few negative posts can leave you feeling alone and isolated. However, all it takes is one person noticing something good and complimenting our day to erase all of the negativity that is following us around. Simple acts of kindness happen […]
  • It Starts At The Top: Adult Bullying April 13, 2014
    I recently wrote about Grownup Bullying and Monster Moms and the response was overwhelming. It was the same when I wrote about Adult Bullying: Harassment By People You Respect. I am confident that everyone that reads these articles knows someone that has been a victim of an adult bully or a grownup that simply is […]
  • No Such Thing As A Bully: Shred the Label April 7, 2014
    I was drawn to Sue Scheff’s Huffington Post article “Grownup Bullying and Monster Moms” Immediately. She had me from Hello. “I know bullying and cyberbullying is a topic that many people are becoming immune to.” We are. And I believe I know why. Two reasons: We are currently labeling everything bullying. Adults don’t acknowledge their […]
  • Controlling What You Share On Facebook March 31, 2014
    Facebook is an extremely useful and entertaining form of social media; connecting over 1.1 billion users and facilitating an easy way of sharing a variety of content. However, despite its numerous benefits, Facebook does raise the issue of privacy with regards to the distribution of your personal information. Staggeringly, research has shown that 25% of […]
  • Being a Friend and Being Good: Gifts that Never Get Old March 25, 2014
    With so much discussion about peer cruelty, meanness, teasing and simply not being kind to each other, having the reminder that Being a Friend and Being Good are gifts that never get old. We have graduations coming up, Easter, Passover and maybe some people have birthdays.  I know so many people out there have turned […]


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Sue Scheff, Thank you for all your help and recommendations. We are trying to work with a psychologist and I’ve set up counseling at his present school. Thank you again for all your help. I cannot thank you enough for your honesty. God Bless. Keep up the good work.
Mrs. M., FL
Dear Sue, Thank you so much and thank you for your efforts in helping other parents. God bless!
Trudy, SC
Sue Scheff, This is the lady from Naples, Florida who first called you in March. I am happy and relieved to say that my son [names withheld]. He has been there about a week. I hear so far, so good. I am grateful that our path’s crossed on the internet and I found Pure and yes that you called me back right away and took the time to talk to me. Thank-you very much Please continue your much needed help to others
Janice P., FL
Dear P.U.R.E.™ and Sue, I just wanted to give you an update. It was unbelievably difficult, but I feel sure that I made the right choice. She is beginning to admit that she has some issues to work on and I can rest assured that she is safe and well cared for. I knew that, if I kept her at home, it was only a matter of time before I would have gotten a call from the police dept., the emergency room or, heaven forbid, the coroner’s office. You may have helped me save my daughter’s life an…
Diane, AL
Dear Sue Scheff, Thank for your help it’s so hard to find help for children theses days. So when I seen your response it just brighten my day so I just want to say thanks.
Julie L., TX
Dear Sue Scheff, Thank you so much. It is interesting to know that we are not alone. And although I wish that no one would have to go through what we are going through, it is nice to know that there are so many others that are having similar difficulties and can offer support. Thanks again,
Karen B., NY
Sue Scheff, Thank you for the help. Since I have been in touch with you and I’m feeling a little more positive about our situation. Thanks for your service.
Teri L., TX
Sue THANK YOU SO MUCH! I found your information so very helpful. I am SOOO GLAD you put that info in a place I could find it! I was searching for parent info that was not put out by the school! If you have any info that could help me, I welcome any knowledge you would care to share! THANK YOU – God bless!
Sherry, CA
Dear Sue, Your statement about my son is on point. He acquainted himself with bad friends. He was averaging 85 one school term then dropped dramatically to a 59 the second term. Thank you so much.
Gloria V., FL
Dear Sue, Thanks for following up, and for readily providing information when I first inquired. Right now, we’re still sorting out timing and steps to be undertaken for placement (with current school agreement) and hospital. Many thanks for the service you provide.
Vivian, MI

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