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  • Surveys: Teens, Tech, Parenting and Cyberbullying November 19, 2015
    This month several surveys and reports have been released on tech, parenting, teens and cyberbullying. Starting with the simple one that came from iKeepSafe, which was funded by AT&T, it focused on Cyberbalance in the Digital Culture. 44% of teens admit they do to not get enough sleep because of digital devices 40% of teens don’t […]
  • Talking, Texting and Sexting: Cell Phone Basics November 12, 2015
    Everyone loves their cell phones and most can’t live without them. PEW Fact Tank shares that 64% of adults in 2015 own a smartphone, but when it comes to cell phones in general, it jumps to 90% of adults. In a PEW Research in 2013, 74% of youth between the age of 12-17 own a cell […]
  • Our Digital and Media Influences for Youth November 8, 2015
    Common Sense Media recently released their latest report  regarding today’s media consumption and our youth. Tweens and teens spend about 9-hours a day on media. This includes a variety of media entertainment such as– music, television, tablets, computers and of course mobile devices. According to Common Sense, here are a few key findings: Youth love media […]
  • Just Be Nice: Is It That Simple? November 6, 2015
    We are heading into the holiday season. This means more interaction with store clerks, more time online, and most likely more time with customer service people on the phone. Our words and reaction will to others in all these spaces and places will matter. It’s a time for patience, understanding – and most importantly, simply […]
  • Cyberbullying Prevention Month Round-Up November 1, 2015
    We have constantly said that although October was Bullying Prevention Month, we also consider it Cyberbullying Prevention Month, we have to continuously discuss awareness and educate our communities on curbing this type of cruelty – both offline and online 365 days a year. The fact is bullying is no longer limited to our playgrounds, school […]



Sue Scheff, This is the lady from Naples, Florida who first called you in March. I am happy and relieved to say that my son [names withheld]. He has been there about a week. I hear so far, so good. I am grateful that our path’s crossed on the internet and I found Pure and yes that you called me back right away and took the time to talk to me. Thank-you very much Please continue your much needed help to others
Janice P., FL

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