By Sue Scheff with Melissa Schorr

Foreword by Monica Lewinsky

“You are one single keystroke away from your life being destroyed”—Sue Scheff 

In SHAME NATION, leading internet safety expert and author Sue Scheff will document how cyber-shaming has become the national pastime—and what we can do about it. Whether from trolling, revenge porn, sexting scandals, email hacks, or cyber-lynchings, it is clear we are all vulnerable to digital disaster.

  • 73% of American adults have witnessed online harassment, and 70% of young Americans say they have been victims themselves — Pew Research Center
  • Experts predict that as many as 40% of all Americans will be digitally shamed — Hate Crimes in Cyberspace

Every day, with the thousands of tweets, posts and images we mindlessly share, we are putting ourselves at risk of suffering permanent damage to our reputations, our careers, and our futures.

  • 33% of young adults say they have sent or posted a sexually suggestive photo of themselves — The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
  • 70% of employers today will screen potential candidate’s social media before interviewing them. – CareerBuilders 2017
  • 75% of colleges will monitor applicants social media behavior prior considering them. –AACRAP 2018

Drawing from the expertise of more than a dozen top experts spanning fields including legal, public relations, crisis management, psychology, cyberbullying, and online reputation management, SHAME NATION presents:

  • The alarming rise in frequency and severity of online attacks
  • The psychology behind mob mentality, anonymous attacks, shaming and more
  • The meager protections our current legal system offers for victims to fight back
  • How to avoid the online blunders that put you at risk
  • How to protect yourself (and others) from online attacks
  • How to handle a cyber-disaster should one occur
  • The real professional, psychological and technical challenges of recovering from an attack
  • Specific proposals for dismantling Shame Nation: advocating for cyberbullying laws and ramping up enforcement; pressuring tech companies to improve community standards; and emphasizing digital citizenship for people of all ages (it’s not just kids, folks!)

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