Cancel Culture

What is the Cancel Culture?

Cancel Culture Mania

The Cancel Culture (formerly referred to as the “call-out” culture) is now how people are using social media to publicly shame (usually celebrities or brands) due to what they (the people) deem is a controversial issue or act. Something against their belief or morals. Instead of having a diplomatic conversation – or seeking the truth, it’s easier to use our keystrokes to jump to conclusions — and assume it’s true since it’s on the Internet.

We have to keep in mind, the Internet is unforgiving, even if Chris Pratt or any celebrity that makes a mistake (thinking back to Kevin Hart) — the gang-like mentality of social media can be overwhelming.

The Cancel Culture is very troubling, since many of these people are adults acting like children; they are all quick to react without taking the time to consider all sides of a story. The fact is — no one is perfect, and many of us have made stupid comments or even posts years ago and what we’re witnessing is the corrosion of humanity. People using the power at their fingertips to ruin and hurt others — and they don’t think twice about it.

It’s an aim and shame society online – and sadly, celebrities or major brands typically take the hit, since they are public figures or easy targets.

What we can learn from this — no one is immune to online hate (even celebrities), bad things happen to good people online, and this doesn’t have to define you.

The truth is, we are living in very contentious times, especially for those that have strong viewpoints and believe that others are wrong or bad people for not having their same belief system. Right or wrong, in these heated times — anyone can easily become a target for almost anything. Especially if it pertains to politics, religion or race — if you have ever made any comments (whether in jest or not) – you never know how they can come back to haunt you or be taken out of context.

Young people especially need to think twice before engaging in this type of behavior, it can literally define your future. Whether it’s applying to colleges or interviewing for jobs, your online behavior is available to anyone that puts your name through an Internet rinse cycle. 

People today are quick to judge and slow to consider all the facts behind these posts or images. It’s really sad – since you can destroy an innocent person’s life, especially regarding their online reputation – which is just about everything today. 

Like online shaming, there are very few instances that the Cancel Culture has a place in our society.