Sue Scheff Author and Advocate

Sue Scheff Author and Advocate


Sue Scheff is an Author and Parent Advocate. She founded and created Parents’ Universal Resource Expert (P.U.R.E.) in 2001 and for a decade has been helping families with at-risk teens. Her specialty is educating parents on the daunting industry of teen help and locating safe and quality residential therapy resources when parents are at their wit’s end.


Sue Scheff also is proactive in promoting positive digital wellness through online reputation, through cyberbullying prevention and digital resilience and online reputation management.


She has three published books, Wit’s End (HCI 2007), Google Bomb (HCI 2009) with a foreword by Michael Fertik and her latest, Shame Nation: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate (Sourcebooks 2017) with a foreword by Monica Lewinsky.


After being stalked, harassed, bullied and slandered online – in 2006, Scheff won a landmark case for internet defamation with an $11.3M jury verdict.  Since then, she’s been an advocate for cyberbullying prevention and promoting the importance of online reputation. 


Sue Scheff is a contributor for Psychology Today, HuffPost, Today Show Parenting, NBC’s Education Nation, Washington Post, Orlando Sentinel, Stop Medicine Abuse, Dr. Greene and more. She has been featured on ABC 20/20, Today Show, CNN, CBS This Morning, The Mel Robbins Show, Fox News, Anderson Cooper, Nightly News with Katie Couric, Rachael Ray Show, Dr. Phil, and more. Scheff has also been in USA Today, LA Times, NYT’s,


Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, AARP, just to name a few.


As a Parent Advocate, Sue Scheff believes that parenting teens today is a challenge and parents need all the help and resources they can get. An educated parent is a prepared parent.


Sue Scheff’s articles in various publications around the web:


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Sue Scheff’s contributions to Huffington Post Blog:


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