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Sue Scheff on CBS This Morning with Gayle King – 2/19/18:


First Coast Living with Sue Scheff: 10/2/17 Launch of Shame Nation book.


WGBH Greater Boston: Battling Cyberbullying with Melissa Schorr and Jen Royle 10/12/17


NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt: 8/15/17 with Melissa Schorr on Naming and Shaming 

Dr. Oz recommends Shame Nation book to combat cyberbullying and offers it to the entire audience.


Inside Online Shaming, and the ‘viral infamy that follows: 7/7/18 ABC News by Kaelyn Forde

We Live in a ‘Shame Nation: 6/29/18 Florida Times Union by Matt Soegel

Shame Nation featured on CBS This Morning: 2/19/18 with Sue Scheff

Book Recommendation: Your Teen Parents: 4/23/18

The Debate: Should Parents Post About Their Kid’s College Acceptances on Social Media: 3/15/18 College Covered

After Larry Nassar: The Rise of Parent Shaming: 2/1/18 OpEd by Sue Scheff

Crisis Prevention Institute Podcast: The New Normal, Online Shaming: 12/13/17 with Terry Vittone and Sue Scheff

Social Media Shaming is Good (in Moderation): 12/4/17 by Kara Alaimo, Bloomberg

Monica Lewinsky – a person, not a scandal: 12/4/17 Orlando Sentinel

Mom Shaming Is Always a Problem: 11/22/17 by Melissa Fenton, Scary Mommy

How we should really celebrate National Unfriend Day: 11/17/17 by Kara Alaimo, CNN

Cyber Law and Business Report with Bennet Kelley: 11/1/17 Podcast with Sue Scheff  

The Thought Hackers Podcast: 11/1/17 Podcast with Sue Scheff

9 New Must-Read Parenting Books: 10/27/17 Make It Better by Shannan Younger

After Weinstein, Let’s Not Forget About Online Sexual Harassment: 10/26/17 by Kelly Wallace, CNN

Protect Your Online Reputation from Attacks and Scams: 10/25/17 The Big Impact Podcast with Sue Scheff

Protect Your Online Reputation: 10/24/17 The Big Impact Podcast with Bill Hobson Sue Scheff

8 Ways Shaming Is Toxic to Moms and Kids: 10/18/17 by Dr. Michele Borba

How to Talk to Kids about Preventing and Overcoming Online Shaming: 10/17/17 Dr. Robyn Silverman with Sue Scheff

Shame Nation: Choose To Be Part of the Solution: 10/16/17 Pediatric Safety

Helping Kids Navigate A Virtual World Where Cyberbullying is Common: 10/13/17 USNews by Katie Hurley

Mitch Jackson Podcast: 10/11/17 with Sue Scheff

Monica Lewinsky Debuts Her New Cyberbullying Video: 10/9/17 People Magazine

Teens Charged with Cyberbullying: 10/6/17 Sue Scheff on NBC with Liz McLaughlin

A Cautionary Tale About High School Sexting: 10/6/17 Boston Globe Magazine

Avoiding Your 15 Minutes of Fame: 10/6/17 Boston Globe Magazine

Executive’s disastrous Facebook post on Vegas shooting: 10/3/16 Kara Alaimo, CNN

16 of The Best NonFiction Books Coming in October 2017: 10/1/17 Bustle

Parenting In the Age of Online Shaming: 9/28/17 Sue Scheff, Washington Post

Study: Tech Miscommunication May Erode Employee Engagement: 9/25/17 Aliah Wright, SHRM

How Sexy Is Too Sexy for Moms on Social Media? 9/20/17 by Randi Mazzelli, Parent Map

SHAME NATION makes their first national debut in CNN on 6/1/16: Gorilla Tradegy: Why are we so quick to blame the parents? by Kelly Wallace, CNN

Would Trump’s tweet’s get him suspended if he were in school today? 7/1/17 by Kelly Wallace, Fox13

Why Was Otto Warmbier, a Victim of a Brutal Regime, Subjected to Social Media Shaming? 6/30/17 by Stephanie Cohen, Acculturated

Alleged Bully Charged with Teen’s Suicide 2/17/17 by Danielle DeCourcey,

5 Examples of Adult Bullying and What To Do About It  10/27/16 by Emily Zak,

The Internet’s Shameful Role in Propagating Body Shaming  9/21/16 by Quinten Plummer, Tech News World

What to Tell Kids When Adults Behave Terribly Only 8/22/16 by Diana Graber, Huffington Post

‘SNL’ star Leslie Jones personal site offline after hacking 8/25/16 by Derrick Lang

Having High School BFFs Lowers Depression, Anxiety in High School 8/22/17 by Amy Capetta, Yahoo

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