Monsters Of The Web

Protect Yourself Today:

A Few of the Most Common Scofflaw Personas

PICKPOCKET • He'll steal your copyright-protected content, have the search engines push your prospective clients to his site, and then run ads and otherwise direct the traffic to your competitors.

DRUGGIE • During the day this blogger is a normal guy, but at night, he returns home, gets drunk or high, and goes out on the Web looking for "hook-ups" and blogging on his "hang-ups."

SADIST • Loves to create, direct, control, and unleash a firestorm of criticism about you and/or your company just to create pain and damage, almost to an obsessive state. Motivated by pure enjoyment of pain instead of money, the sadist will go to many sites and blog, and she usually lets you know it's her because she uses her real moniker.

BANKRUPT • No money, no assets, no prospects for work, and nothing to lose, this person posts blogs without fear of the consequences or any regard for the truth.

CRIMINAL • Career criminals, no less. The thieves and crooks of the world are online today; and the criminals often have both an organization and highly effective and surprisingly coordinated operational plan in place to target business.



The Internet has become a new "legal lethal weapon" - Like a gun, you need to learn how to use it responsibly!

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