As author of the foreword and CEO and Founder of Reputation Defender Michael Fertik says, "Google is not God. Google is not the First Amendment, and it is not the truth. It is a machine. It may be the best machine invented in the past fifteen years, with myriad benefits for human knowledge and collaboration, but it is still just a machine that operates on rules devised by people. For that reason, it is both inherently fallible and subject to deliberate abuse."

 "I haven't been this affected by a book in a long time. I went from a shaking rage to knots in my stomach to tears and finally to cheers. What happened to Sue could happen to any of us, and Google Bomb's practical guidance, makes this a highly profound and useful book that the world needs to read."

-Michele Borba, Ed.D., Author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions, Parenting Expert and Today Show Contributor

"Google Bomb is a great book!  The Constitution protects free speech, but slander is not free speech.  We should be able to hold slanderers accountable, and Google Bomb helps readers do that."

-Senator Walter G. "Skip" Campbell, Jr.

"Parents need to teach their kids to be safe online, and Google Bomb offers a game plan that even a technophobe can execute.  A must read for anyone who has ever posted their name on the internet, but especially for those whose kids are doing so every day."

-Danielle Wood, Editor-in-Chief, Education.com

"Google Bomb is an instructive and timely book that will only become increasingly relevant as our laws catch up to the realities of today's evolving technology.  Sue's triumph over her attacker underscores the principle that there is no constitutionally protected right to defame others online."

-Fatima R. Fahmy, Attorney at Law

"Google Bomb offers solutions to virtual threats and character assassinations and is a wakeup call as to why we need tough legislation to protect the innocent - albeit children, adults, or businesses. Bravo to Sue Scheff and John W. Dozier Jr. for writing this much-needed book."

-Ross Ellis, Founder and CEO, Love Our Children USA

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