Digital Parenting Webinar


Helping Teens Choose Kindness In An Age of Trolling and Cyberbullying


October 15, 2019

Bullying Prevention Month

Today, studies share that over fifty percent of young people have witnessed some form of harassment or peer cruelty online. With the majority of kids today owning smartphones, it starts with us to become their cyber-mentors in preparing them for digital life.


My presentation will cover three area that parents, teachers and communities can become better role-models (cyber-mentors) for their children and teens.


  1. Improving our own online behavior to avoid digital blunders and disasters.
  2. Helping young people build digital resilience to prepare them for the ugly side of social media.
  3. Becoming upstanders, which activates their empathy when they see people struggling online.


Click here to download the PDF of the Digital Parenting PowerPoint presentation.