Sue Scheff has been featured on many media outlets including radio, television and in print for her advocacy work in parenting and cyber-safety and online reputation.

IN THE NEWS: Over a thousand newspapers have featured Sue Scheff and her victories in the legal arena with child advocacy, invasion of privacy and Internet defamation, including a 4-Part LA Times Series, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, AARP, and many more.  Here are snippets of Scheff’s quotes in major media outlets:

  • Wall Street Journal “Until you go through a vengeful attack on your good name, service or business, you have no idea what a Google bomb can do to you.”
  • AARP“Limit the amount of information you provide on the Internet,” she now advises others. “The Internet is not only an educational tool, it can be a lethal weapon,”
  • Washington Post“if you don’t own your own name, someone else will.”
  • LA Times -“The malicious stroke of a key has become the equivalent of a cyberbullet.”
  • Family Circle“Use extreme caution…Whatever you say in the kitchen goes into your kid’s ears and can come out on the computer screen – and go viral!”
  • LA Times – We need very real repercussions for violating a reporter’s privacy in a motel room with a peep camera for mass voyeuristic consumption.”

Sue Scheff is also active with speaking engagements, sharing her story as well as topics surrounding online reputation, social media and more.

If you’re a reporter or journalist and would like to speak with Sue Scheff, please use the contact form and we will get back with you very shortly.




Sue Scheff on Anderson Cooper discussing online reputation.





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