Cyberbullying is not only about children.

In an age of cruelty and trolling, no one is immune to online hate and cyberbullying.

Adults are being harmed everyday – whether they are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via text message.  People today are using their keystroke as a weapon to harm others and there is simply something wrong with this.

Who are these people?

They can be just about anyone.  The problem with Internet trolls is they don’t need a reason to dislike you, they only need a keypad.

Sadly they can create havoc in the lives of many innocent people.  Whether you have a disgruntled spouse, former BFF,  employee, client, customer or even a relative — life can get extremely ugly online.  The worst part about it is that it can be nearly uncontrollable.

Tips if you are a victim of an Internet troll:
  • Never engage or encourage any of your friends to engage with the trolls.
  • Report the abuse and harassment to the service provider.  Most social media platforms have set up reporting sections that make this process easier.  Always review the “TOS” (terms of service) or “Code of Conduct” to determine how your troll is violating their policies.  It help the website to quicker remove the content.
  • If you fear for your life, report it to the authorities.
What is the difference between defamation, libel and slander?
  1. Defamation: An unprivileged false statement of fact which tends to harm the reputation of a person or company. This is a catch-all term for both libel and slander.
  2. Libel: Defamation which is written such as on a web site. Most on-line defamation occurs through libel by posting a web page, comment, bulletin board post, review, rating or blog post.
  3. Slander: Defamation that is spoken such as through an transcribed video, podcast or audio file.

Filing a lawsuit can be extremely costly and emotionally draining.

Lawyers that specialize in online defamation:

Derek Newman
Enrico Schaffer
Mitch Jackson 

(I am not affiliated with these attorney’s nor do I receive any gifts or monies from them). The late John Dozier referred to them when he was alive, and I am passing on the information.

Online Bullying Resources

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Digital Citizenship Resources and Online Safety

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