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Teacher Shaming

Good teachers can make bad digital choices

We are facing a crisis where people from all walks of life are in jeopardy of losing their jobs, risking college acceptances/scholarships and even relationships due to careless online posts, reckless tweets or even misconstrued text messages. Educators are probably...
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Digital Literacy

The importance of digital parenting

Your kids may always be an app ahead of you, but they will always need your parenting wisdom and guidance. The internet is evolving on a daily basis, wait, it's actually changing minute by minute, and it can be a perfect excuse...
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Rise of Shame Nation and Cyberbullying

keyboard_and_mouse-625x1000Whenever I see these headlines about youth taking their lives and the word bullying or cyberbullying attached to it, I want to cringe. The fact is, it's sad we need headlines to remind us to continue to be kind to others, to continue to...
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Upstanders: Why We're All In This Together

Almost half of 1,089 11 to 25-year-olds questioned for the Safety Net report had experienced threatening or nasty social media messages, emails or texts. Two-thirds said they would not tell their parents if they experienced something upsetting online. In the last  Read more

Trolls and Trolling

Dealing with trolls and addressing our troll behavior

TrollDefinitionDon't feed the trolls! We've heard this over and over again.  It is a phrase that tells us not to engage with people online that are intentionally inflicting harm and cruelty towards others. In today's culture of digital cruelty...
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Fat Shaming and Body Shaming

Ending body bashing

In the midst of women empowerment with the #MeToo movement, it’s disappointing to learn that it’s our closest friends and family that are using their words to make women feel badly about themselves. Although some people may do this intentionally, there...
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Body Shaming by Mom

Body shaming is far from new, however with social media and the Internet it has been magnified by a million. From fat shaming to skinny shaming to belly shaming and more, there is not a body part that hasn't experienced some form of humiliation...
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Parent shaming, judgy moms and adults acting badly


Rise of incivility

As I continue to write about bullying and cyberbullying, it never ceases to amaze me how many different ways people have discovered to hate others — whether it is on the playground or virtually, peer cruelty doesn’t seem to have any...
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Parenting in the age of social media

Online safety starts in offline conversations

There's no app for parenting teens online today - yet according to a recent PEW Research survey 95 percent of teenagers have access to a smartphone while almost half, 45 percent claim...
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Combat Cyberbullying and Online Harassment

Building Digital Resilience

In an age of cruelty and trolling, no one is immune from cyberbullying. According to a 2017 PEW Research survey, 41 percent of adults reported being harassed online, while 66 percent of them have witnessed cyberbullying towards other...
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