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Shame Nation Praise

From across the globe, Shame Nation has received outstanding reviews

Praise for Shame Nation:

Filled with compelling and relatable stories, interviews and quotes from celebrities and experts, and practical strategies, expert Sue Scheff's new book powerfully portrays the all-too-real phenomenon of online shame.  Either it has happened...
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Shame Nation Trade Reviews

Trade Review from Library Journal

Shame Nation: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate. Sourcebooks. Oct. 2017. 332p. illus. notes. index. ISBN 9781492648994. $25.99. SOC SCI Shame Nation is primarily a self-help book for those who are facing an Internet scandal, or who are living through an online shaming...
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Celebrity Shaming

If you're in the world of entertainment, sports or any public arena -- you can also be a prime target for the internet trolls of the world.
Celebrities—males and especially females—are perhaps the biggest targets for online shaming. Generations of stars have endured the sniping and...
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The Real People: The Targets of Online Shaming

This isn't about exploiting people, it's about helping those that have been quietly suffering believing that no one understands their pain.

We do.


After I wrote Google Bomb and Shame Nation, I was literally bombarded with so...
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Shame Nation Book Club Chats

Are you a member of a book club and need a good book to spark a conversation about the rise of incivility in our nation today? Maybe you're a parent that is struggling to chat with your teenager about their online activities?...
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Combat Cyberbullying with Digital Resilience

In 2017 we heard a lot about digital resilience, but do we understand what it is? Helping our teens be ready for online hate and digital discourse offline can better prepare them when they are faced with it. Reality is that incivility...
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Surviving Online Shaming and Hate

5 Ways to overcome online shame

Cyberbullying has become a sadly familiar headline, but it's not just child's play—more and more adults are falling victim to online abuse, too. A 2017 PEW Survey revealed that 66 percent of adults have witnessed online...
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Sexting, Cyberbullying and Online Shaming

Sext Education: Dealing with the pressures of digital life

What is sexting?

According to Merriam-Webster, sexting is “The sending of sexually explicit messages or images by cell phone.” However, that definition can easily be expanded...
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