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Digital Wisdom: Practical Proven Ways Educators Can Role Model Appropriate Online Behavior

This session was presented at the IBPA Conference in San Diego, CA on November 9, 2018 by Sue Scheff. Please contact Sue Scheff if you are interested in this presentation.    ...
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The Selfie Nation

What words describe your selfie image?
Scrolling down your Instagram feed, maybe checking your Facebook news stream or possibly popping into a Twitter trend, you're likely to view people using their social platforms to post a selfie of themselves. The majority of Americans (63 percent) say they take selfies according to...
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Shame Nation Praise

From across the globe, Shame Nation has received outstanding reviews

Praise for Shame Nation:

Filled with compelling and relatable stories, interviews and quotes from celebrities and experts, and practical strategies, expert Sue Scheff's new book powerfully portrays the all-too-real phenomenon of online shame.  Either it has happened...
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Shame Nation Trade Reviews

Trade Review from Library Journal

Shame Nation: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate. Sourcebooks. Oct. 2017. 332p. illus. notes. index. ISBN 9781492648994. $25.99. SOC SCI Shame Nation is primarily a self-help book for those who are facing an Internet scandal, or who are living through an online shaming...
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Celebrity Shaming

If you're in the world of entertainment, sports or any public arena -- you can also be a prime target for the internet trolls of the world.
Celebrities—males and especially females—are perhaps the biggest targets for online shaming. Generations of stars have endured the sniping and...
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